AMA is a George M. Low Finalist 2008




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AMA was the only company nominated by NASA LaRC for the prestigious George M. Low award. AMA was nominated in the category of Small Business Services.

Recent AMA success stories at NASA LaRC include AMA’s support to the Max Launch Abort System (MLAS). In just two weeks, AMA aerodynamics engineers analyzed over 15 new MLAS shapes covering the complete flight Mach number and angle-of-attack range. The AMA effort directly contributed to the final shape for the MLAS flight test article. In addition to aerodynamic support, AMA has provided crucial structural design, analysis and fabrication support for the crew module simulator component of the vehicle. Based on this work, AMA’s Erik Tyler received the NESC Engineering Excellence Award in July 2008. In support of AMA’s nomination for the George M. Low Award, Ralph Roe, head of NASA NESC, said "The MLAS project is attempting to perform design, build and flight test of an alternate launch abort system in one year. The AMA team has provided critical design and analytical support that is making that ambitious goal achievable."

Members of the AMA Modeling and Simulation team supporting the Langley Research Center Space Mission Architectures Branch have received a NASA Space Act Award for the development of the AstroGlobe visualization toolkit. AMA personnel Doug Murphy, Min Qu, Jonathan Chrone, Michael Mahair, Chris Krentz, Rad Taylor and Rudy Saucillo of NASA created the AstroGlobe system to help communicate complex multi-dimensional orbital dynamics data using web-based interactive 3D graphics. The Space Act Award is given by the NASA Invention Control Board, which recognizes inventors for outstanding scientific or technical contributions that are significant to aeronautics and space activities.

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