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Brian Emmett received a commendation from the project manager for his outstanding performance supporting the Orion Thermal Protection System (TPS) Advanced Development Project (ADP). The commendation was presented during the 6th Orion TPS ADP Technical Quarterly Meeting at the NASA Langley Research Center.

The Modeling and Animation Team of AMA earns special recognition from NASA's Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate. The team was honored by the Director of the SACD, Dr. Ajay Kumar, and several members of the Directorate during a recent Directorate Staff meeting. Team members Jeff Murch, Bob Evangelista, Dave Helton, Rob Burns, and Josh Sams were presented laser etched plaques of recognition.

AMA's animation "Return to the Moon", developed in support of NASA's Vision for Space Exploration has gained national recognition. This two minute animation, developed in support of the Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate, is an exciting movie trailer style animation depicting NASA's vision for the return to the Moon. This animation was released by NASA Headquarters and can be viewed online on the NASA web site, NASA Watch, and Discovery. The full resolution video can be found here It has been shown at conferences and lectures given by numerous NASA officials included Lesa Roe, LaRC's Center Director.


AMA's Chris Karlgaard was awarded first place in the "Laurence J. Bement Young Professionals Paper Competition" presented by the Hampton Roads Section of the AIAA. His paper, titled ""Hyper-X Post-Flight Trajectory Reconstruction" was submitted to the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, and was co authored with Tartabini, Blanchard, Kircsh and Toniolo.


AMA was the recipient of the NASA Headquarters TGIR 2005 Award for Pioneering Technology as part of the Hyper-X Project Team. The Hyper-X Project successfully flew a scramjet research vehicle at Mach 9.68 over the Pacific Ocean, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.


AMA was the recipient of the NASA Headquarters TGIR 2002 Award for Pioneering Technology for Advanced Engineering Environment. The AEE was an integrated software system providing secure access to and operability with design analysis tools deployed across all NASA centers.

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