Our Aerospace and Defense Experience

Aerospace and Defense

AMA has been in the business of aerospace engineering for more than forty years. We understand what it takes to bring ideas from concept to flight. Our expertise in engineering is combined with advanced data visualization and fully integrated access to the software systems needed for all phases of design and development. We provide reliable, complete design, operations and mission analyses.

Our Services

Human Exploration Framework Team

AMA supports NASA Headquarters and NASA Langley in the definition and assessment of NASA’s next missions to the solar system and beyond. As part of NASA’s Human Exploration Framework Team (HEFT), AMA works with NASA on the assessment of mission and vehicle concepts to replace the shuttle and provide propulsion, habitation, and mobility solutions at destinations such as Near Earth Objects, planetary moons, and Mars.

Human Exploration Framework Team

NASA's Vision for Space Exploration

AMA has been an integral part of, and major contributor to, NASA LaRC lunar exploration studies for the Vision for Space Exploration since 2004. We have participated and led high priority and short turn-around trade space analyses and vehicle conceptual designs/layouts. As a result of this work, AMA personnel have received multiple awards.

NASA Technical Proposal Evaluation

Based on AMA's broad range of expertise in aerospace engineering, AMA has provided support to Technical, Management, and Cost (TMC) reviews performed by NASA since 2000. Support has been provided to NASA's two step proposal selection process for Announcements of Opportunity and for NASA's Phase-A program review.More Information...

NASA Space Flight Program Development and Support

AMA personnel have been directly involved with LaRC Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate (SACD) and other NASA agencies in the area of flight mission support, planning, and development.More Information...

NASA Space Engineering Support

AMA has provided LaRC a wide range of space vehicle engineering services for many years. This experience covers all aspects of spacecraft and space mission design including orbital mechanics, craft sizing, operations planning, communications analysis.More Information...

NASA Flight Program Support

AMA personnel have played an integral role in NASA's advanced flight programs. Our expertise in multibody dynamics, control systems, trajectory analysis, and simulation software development were heavily utilized within the Hyper-X program. Our computational fluid dynamics expertise is being leveraged in areas such as the morphing wing program and formation flying analysis.More Information...

NASA Modeling and Animation Support

AMA's modeling and animation team has been an integral part of NASA LaRC's Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate for many years. AMA's capabilities are used by NASA for the development of models and animations for technical presentations, marketing presentations, and proposals. AMA provides support to the Directorate through a modeling and animation laboratory.More Information...

NASA Software Development and Integration Support

The support of NASA's flight programs and general engineering requirements has often required the development of new software tools or the customization of existing NASA toolsets. AMA has been intimately involved in this process of software design, development and deployment of software for NASA.More Information...