Technical Proposal Evaluation

Aerospace and Defense

AMA has been in the business of aerospace engineering for more than forty years. We understand what it takes to bring ideas from concept to flight. Our expertise in engineering is combined with advanced data visualization and fully integrated access to the software systems needed for all phases of design and development. We provide reliable, complete design, operations and mission analyses.

AMA has provided support to Technical, Management, and Cost (TMC) reviews performed by NASA since 2000. Support has been provided to NASA's two step proposal selection process for Announcements of Opportunity (AO) for programs including Mars Scout, Small Explorer (SMEX), Medium Explorer (MIDEX), Discovery, Pluto-Kuiper Belt, New Frontiers, University Earth System Science Project (UnESS), and Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP).

AMA has also been involved in post Phase-A program review. AMA personnel supported the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) program reviews as part of the NASA Independent Review Team (IRT). Roles by AMA staff or consultants included participation in critical design reviews, (PDR, CDR, and ARR) at both the project and subsystem levels.