Our Automotive Experience


AMA’s engineering capabilities have been utilized to support various projects within the automotive field. This work has spanned our experience in fields such as structural and magnetostatic analysis to mathematical modeling and software development.


Based on our engineering experience within industrial design, AMA has helped Siemens in the analysis of several different components manufactured by Siemens and utilized within various automotive models. The focus of these projects has been to better understand the overall forces, torques, and operating conditions of the various components to either optimize the design of the parts or provide insight in to possible failure of current part designs. Analyses included magnetostatic analysis of motor housings and finite element analyses of worm and spoke gear designs. Read more...



AMA has developed advanced video-processing software that is used in the TraVis (Traffic Vision) application.TraVis is an advanced system for performing vehicle and pedestrian detection at an intersection, so that information can be given to the traffic controller to change the traffic lights. TraVis is capable of detecting vehicles that are stopped at the intersection, detecting vehicles that are approaching the intersection, detecting pedestrians both in the crosswalk and waiting to cross, and also gathering statistics about vehicle count and queue length. A demonstration of TraVis can viewed on the internet at proengg.com.Read More...


Personal Air Vehicles (PAV)

Teaming with NASA and industry partners, AMA is helping forge the future of personal transportation, enabling the goal of a "highway in the sky". AMA has been involved in the conceptual design and visualization of Personal Air Vehicles (PAV).  Personal Air Vehicles are a class of general aviation aircraft which meets design and performance goals intended to make flying as commonplace as driving.Using a modular design and off the shelf automotive parts (including engines, seats, and electronics), Personal Air Vehicles  will allow an individual to fly from point to point with the ease of driving an automobile.Read More...