Our Finance Experience


The broad experience of AMA's analysts extends to many areas of the Financial Industry. We have expertise in Marketing Strategy and Product Optimization that can help your business create the best possible customer experience. Our analysts can help in every phase of Customer Relationship Management as well as Trade Promotion Management and Revenue Management.

Capital One

AMA has worked closely with Capital One on marketing strategy for both accounts acquisition and customer management. We have provided a variety of services including optimization, mathematical modeling, data mining, and custom software development. Capital One's auto finance division has also utilized AMA's services. AMA has developed processes for portfolio optimization, helped with mathematical modeling, data mining, and implemented IT solutions using MS Excel.


Predictive Modeling


With cooperation from Viamericas, a money transfer company serving the Latin American market, AMA has developed analytics that can identify illegal or suspicious transactions. We have packaged these analytics behind an intuitive interface to create a product called STYMIE. Viamericas uses STYMIE as a filter to help identify and report suspected illegal activity such as money laundering or smurfing.