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STYMIE is a custom software package developed by AMA to identify money wire transfers and trends which may warrant criminal investigation.

It is also the end result of AMA:

  • understanding the needs of a client
  • developing a robust solution, and
  • providing a cost effective implementation.

STYMIE uses a statistical analysis of a transaction database to establish "normal" behavior. Under user parameters, it then filters out, weights and scores abnormal instances. Finally, it ranks the scores and reports suspicious behavior, those with the highest scores. STYMIE can help locate illegal behavior by the sender, receiver, or even the client agency.

AMA also provided an intuitive user interface for STYMIE as a front end to the analytics and reporting. We can just as easily integrate analytics such as these into your existing enterprise architecture.


A Quick STYMIE Tutorial

  1. Select whether you want to examine senders, receivers, or transfer agencies.
  2. Weight the importance of the search criteria. Hover over the names for a brief description. Learn in detail from the help menu.
  3. Select a cutoff score or to see the top N scores and submit the query.
  4. See which criteria gave positive scores in the results window. Greater scores imply higher suspicion of illegal activity. Right click on a row to see detail