Our Healthcare Experience


AMA's expertise in developing high quality computer generated imagery for communicating technical concepts in engineering and science has lead to our increasing involvement in medical visualization. Past projects include animations for patient education, interactive multimedia for training of medical personnel, and research in augmented reality for minimally invasive surgery. In 2011 AMA is developing DICOM Presenter, a new media authoring tool specifically for documenting medical procedures from DICOM images.



Medical Training

When the clinical supplies team at Merck needed to develop high quality training content for medical personnel involved in their acadesine trial for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, the AMA team delivered. Using realistic animated 3D graphics to accurately depict each detail in the drug preparation process, a step-by-step presentation was created and delivered as a Flash web site. This project is one of many where our high quality 3D modeling and rendering was critical to accurately representing the technical content.Read More...


Augmented Reality Technology for Minimally Invasive Surgery (ARTEMIS)

ARTEMIS aimed to provide an ergonomic intraoperative system for visualizing anatomical data and real-time instrument location data superimposed on the real view of the patient. AMA collaborated with Luna Innovations to develop a technology demonstration showing how AR techniques could allow a physician to accurately guide the tip of an RF ablation catheter to a precise location within an internal organ. This work was featured on NASA TV's Destination Tomorrow segment in 2006.Read More...

DICOM Presenter

In 2011 AMA will release the first multimedia authoring system designed specifically for creating educational and training content directly from raw DICOM data. DICOM Presenter will allow medical personnel to efficiently convert DICOM CD ROMs to standard presentation image formats, annotate images and create multi-column layouts, and assemble videos with transition effects, titling and voice-overs.

Patient Education

AMA uses the latest modeling and animation tools to create realistic depictions of medical concepts, including biological processes, medical devices, and procedures. Our software experts package this multimedia content into web, mobile, and PDF formats for maximum accessibility.

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