Our Packaging Experience


AMA leverages extensive experience in modeling, simulation, computer aided design and animation to create virtual prototypes and visualization software tools for our clients. Virtual prototyping allows designers to introduce high fidelity imagery and 3D content at an early stage in the design process.




The StudioPak software, offered by AMA’s EZpak division, is a design suite specifically to packaging. By integrating and extending the best-in-class applications for 3D modeling, image editing, and multimedia production tools, StudioPak enables packaging designers to create and publish realistic rendered scenes in minimum time. In 2010 AMA leveraged StudioPak to build a 3D model-management tool for NASA. The Space Hardware Element Database (SHED) is now used by the NASA education and outreach office.Read More...

Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping is more than a collection of software tools. It is a process and a manner of thinking that will enable the evolution of the packaging process towards a more efficient and error free system. Some key concepts include:

Delivering Good Information Early - correcting misconceptions at the earliest possible stages prevents costly rework, especially at the later stages of the project.Read more..

Creating Reusable Components - creating a library of re-useable virtual components makes the virtual design process more efficient the more it is used.
Using a Good Data Model - a data model is a way to organize the information about a project or system. A virtual prototyping data model should enable efficient integration with existing business applications.Hide

Success Stories: Fisher Clinical Services

Fisher Clinical Services needed to roll out a new insulated shipper design prototype for early review by internal and external stakeholders. Using sketches provided by Fisher as a guide, AMA created a high-fidelity interactive 3D model and exploded-view animation of the shipper design, and embedded this interactive content in a compact PDF document. The design was able to be rapidly reviewed by stakeholders in Fisher offices around the world, without incurring travel or physical mockup development costs.Read More...

Success Stories: Merck Clinical Supplies

When Merck clinical supplies designers faced the challenge of educating clinical sites about special handling instructions for temperature monitoring devices, the AMA graphics team created a high fidelity animation showing the step-by-step process. The resulting improvement in communication translated directly into cost savings with fewer returned shipments.