Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.

Since 1962, AMA has worked with government and commercial organizations solving tough engineering, math, and business problems. AMA combines the best of engineering and mathematics capabilities with the latest in information technology and visualization to build innovative solutions.

AMA has provided world class technical services and products to a multitude of industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Packaging. Our client base includes leading government institutions and Fortune 200 companies. We are especially proud of our work supporting NASA’s missions: past, present, and future. Our work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, WIRED, and the Discovery Channel.

Currently headquartered in Hampton, VA, AMA has operations in Huntsville, AL; Dallas and Houston, TX; Denver, CO; Santa Clara and Mountain View, CA; New Orleans, LA; and Hancock County, MS.

At AMA, the relationships we forge with our suppliers are key to our integrity, agility, and competitiveness, as well as our ability to meet our customers' needs. AMA is committed to providing our suppliers with advanced procurement tools and processes, and best-in-class Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems to enable fast, secure and efficient ways to improve the information flow within our supply chain.

This web site provides a centralized location for information on conducting business with AMA. Here you will find the latest information on our efforts to streamline the AMA procurement process by providing simplicity and consistency.

Ethics and Business Conduct

AMA expects all of its employees and suppliers to comply with Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct and ethical expectations, regardless of local business practices or social customs. To avoid any possibility of misunderstanding, embarrassment, or perception of favoritism, AMA has strict rules that govern the acceptance of business courtesies from suppliers. Please remember our guidelines related to business gifts, gratuities, and special holiday events. We are committed to the ethical treatment of those to whom we have an obligation. AMA expects our suppliers, vendors, subcontractors and teaming partners to develop ethics and compliance programs that are consistent with our values in all material respects. If you are aware of any unethical activity, require clarification of our policies, have an ethics concern, or know of a violation of either AMA policy or a violation of Federal, State, or Local laws, please click on the AMA Ethics Hotline link at the bottom of the page. You will have the option of remaining anonymous.

Supply Chain Management

At AMA, achieving customer satisfaction is a fundamental objective. We are looking for suppliers that enable us to work within time, quality, cost, and technical performance constraints, with a continuous focus on customer requirements.

Supplier Diversity

AMA is committed to a diverse supplier base that reflects the demographics and values of our company, customers, and the communities in which we operate. We encourage small, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned (including service disabled veterans), and HUBZone businesses to register with AMA for subcontracting and procurement opportunities. We also encourage historically black colleges, universities, and minority institutions to register with AMA for opportunities to provide technical, engineering, and research services.

Supplier Qualification Form

If you would like to pursue a business relationship with us, please complete and submit the Supplier Qualification Form. If there is interest in your products, then you may be contacted by the buyer directly or you may receive a Request for Information or Request for Quotation (RFQ). If we have no current need, then your information will remain in our database for future requests.

Supplier Qualification Form

Subcontracting with AMA

We continually seek qualified firms to meet customer-specific requirements. We recommend that you spend some time on our website to become familiar with the various business activities within our company. Completing our Supplier Qualification Form and sending it to us will help us to better identify and engage diverse suppliers when subcontracting opportunities occur. Our procurement personnel have the ability to evaluate your company for potential business opportunities. If contacted, you must visit the Subcontracting with AMA webpage for additional information on how to prepare and submit a proposal to AMA.


Contact Information

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